Große Fuge (2014)

“And why didn’t they encore the Fugue? That alone should have been repeated! Cattle! Asses!” (1862, Ludwig van Beethoven, when, at the premiere, the audience only demanded encores of other movements.)

« Große Fuge » is a performance that borrows its name from the extraordinary piece of music by Ludwig van Beethoven. The beauty that Beethoven’s daring use of musical composition proposes becomes the starting point from which images, text and movement are confronted with the fugue. This confrontation creates a space for the fugue to reveal its secret collisions, conspiracies and antagonisms. The fugue is thus given a new accessibility beyond its social context. The complex writing of at that point already deaf Beethoven here literally receives flesh and bones, is rendered sensory and material in order to transpose itself to our present ears and eyes.

(Proposal by – Uri Turkenich, Choreography – Ludvig Daae, Stav Yeini and Uri Turkenich. Dance – Aron Blom, Linda Blomqvist, Ludvig Daae, Stav Yeini. Funded by the Swedish Arts Council. Co-produced by MDT. Special thanks to – Mårten Spångberg, Supported by DOCH, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt a.M. and P.A.R.T.S Summerstudios.)