After #2 (2011)

“After #2” addresses the works of the German choreographer Pina Bausch in terms of her working structures, movement material, composition choices and the genre TanzTeater. As a choreographer Bausch positioned the dancer in the place of a producer of knowledge. We continue her line of thoughts, we continue to research the work relation between the dancer and choreographer and how that reflects on knowledge production. By researching movement material created by Pina Bausch and her dancers we developed a physicality informed by her tradition and furthered by our knowledge and bodies and ideologies today. In “After #2” we created a working structure in which the position of the choreographer is distributed to several people, each works alone with the performer and determines his/her own work relation to the performer. The process started with setting a topic and the method of work by Mårten Spångberg, continued by Alice Chauchat who created the major part of the movement material and finalized and composed together by Sebastian Schulz.

Choreography: Alice Chauchat, Sebastian Schulz, Mårten Spångberg, Uri Turkenich.

Performed by: Uri Turkenich.

Light design: Chrisander Brun.

Video by request.